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Parametric tiles

Louisiana State University


Description: The intent of this project is to design a pattern and then use subtractive manufacturing techniques, namely CNC routing, to make it. The pattern is required to be milled on a 1’ by 1’ sheet material with a thickness of 2”. The pattern can be completely ornamental or be deliberately designed for a function. The low-level skill acquisition of this project is to understand subtractive manufacturing techniques, the relationship between the bit size and level of detail in the final product, as well as the logic of waste and undercuts. The high-level skill acquisition of this project is to learn how to employ patterns beyond ornaments for offering solutions to specific design problems or for creating a controlled effect.

Credits: Austin Copete, Brittany Howard, Burton Howell, Christopher Lebeuf, Christopher Washington, Cory Natal, Jordan Conner, Joshua Nichols, Kelly O'Connor, Landon Rainey, Logan Osborn, Malachi Pursley, Peter Tinker, Saul Belloso.

Saul tile
Saul tile action
Chris tile
Chris tile action
Malachi tile action
Josh tile
Brittany tile
Austin tile
Austin tile action
Landon tile
Cory tile
Cory tile process
Burton tile
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