Niloufar Emami

Assistant Professor

Louisiana State University (LSU)

I am a researcher, educator, and designer in the area of computational design, performance-based design, integrated design and structural efficiency. I am currently teaching at the School of Architecture at Louisiana State University. I have completed my Ph.D. studies at the University of Michigan in Architecture with a specialization in Building Technology.

I am passionate about integrating multiple disciplines at the early stages of design using computational design tools to improve design processes and workflows combined with creative design thinking. Thus, I look for gaps, intersections, and overlaps between architecture and multiple engineering disciplines using computational tools to provide creative yet performative solutions. I am a designer at various scales: I design research, computational workflows, curriculum plans, products, and buildings.  Followed by several years of practice as an architect, I have conducted research in both academia and industry: the University of Michigan and Autodesk Company respectively. I am also an experienced teacher, having held multiple teaching positions including a Lecturer, Graduate Student Instructor, Teacher Fellow, and Adjunct Faculty, at multiple institutions.

I am the recipient of numerous awards, namely the first runner-up award in DIVA Day competition, Barbour Scholarship and the Helen Wu Award among other honors.


2020            LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award

2020            ARCC Research Incentive Award

                     ACSA news

                     LSU interview

2018-20      A Hays Town Professorship, LSU Foundation

2015            Barbour Scholarship

2014            Helen Wu Award

2014            DIVA Day Competition, First Runner Up Award