Niloufar Emami

Assistant Professor

Louisiana State University (LSU)

I am a researcher, educator, and designer in the area of computational design, performance-based design, integrated design and structural efficiency. I am currently teaching at the School of Architecture at Louisiana State University. I have completed my Ph.D. studies at the University of Michigan in Architecture with a specialization in Building Technology.

I am passionate about integrating multiple disciplines at the early stages of design using computational design tools to improve design processes and workflows combined with creative design thinking. Thus, I look for gaps, intersections, and overlaps between architecture and multiple engineering disciplines using computational tools to provide creative yet performative solutions. I am a designer at various scales: I design research, computational workflows, curriculum plans, products, and buildings.  Followed by several years of practice as an architect, I have conducted research in both academia and industry: the University of Michigan and Autodesk Company respectively. I am also an experienced teacher, having held multiple teaching positions including a Lecturer, Graduate Student Instructor, Teacher Fellow, and Adjunct Faculty, at multiple institutions.

I am the recipient of numerous awards, namely the first runner-up award in DIVA Day competition, Barbour Scholarship and the Helen Wu Award among other honors.


2021            Quad:"Did you know" interview with Niloufar Emami

2020            LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award

2020            ARCC Research Incentive Award

                     ACSA news

                     LSU interview

2018-20      A Hays Town Professorship, LSU Foundation

2015            Barbour Scholarship

2014            Helen Wu Award

2014            DIVA Day Competition, First Runner Up Award