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Design of a Botanic Garden in Kish Island

Iran University of Science and Technology
Master of Architecture thesis
selected by the college as outstanding design

Description: The project aimed to design a greenhouse for conservation and exhibition of the rare herbal species in Kish Island. Kish island is one of the natural attractions of Iran and this project seeked to increase its tourists’ visits, as well as to establish a research center for studying the herbal species. Nature has been a great inspiration source for the conceptual design of this project. The freeform curves of the island, the smooth movement of the ocean and the curves of the beach, all have affected the formation of the main concept.  

Climate has been the other important consideration in the design process. Due to the hot & humid climate of the island, an all-glass greenhouse exposed to high solar radiation could impose high operational energy costs to reach comfort level for the visitors. Therefore, alternative structural systems were explored to design a structural form that restricts the location of the opennings to the gardens only, and leaves the remaining spaces in shadow. These shadowed spaces used by the visitors receives low direct sunlight.

Finally, a concrete shell structure has been designed for the glass-house, evolving from the ground. The greenhouse and the research center are located in an axis towards the ocean, benefiting from the natural breeze coming from towards them as a form of natural ventilation.

Credits: Niloufar Emami

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