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International Convention Center in Tehran

Iran University of Science and Technology
Graduate Studio III

Description: Designing the International Convention Center of Tehran was the subject of this design studio. With a site located at the north of Tehran, this Convention Center aimed to act as a venue for national and international religious-political events. The program consisted of four theaters with the capacity of 150, 300, 600 and 2000 people. It also had conference rooms to act as a smaller scale place for smaller meetings and events. Moreover, it consisted of a limited residential units. Restaurants and cafe terries were also included in the program. One of the challenges was to design one free-span theater for the main gathering place with a capacity of 2000 people. The other challenge was to design a common waiting room for all the four theaters. These challenges were addressed by designing the main theater at the center and then connecting the other three theaters to it through the common space. The main theater was also shifted in the main circle in order to create a bigger waiting space outside and to give design a sense of direction. The general design creates an iconic appearance for the city. The bicycle roof system had been chosen as the structural system of the main theater to create a large free span space.

Credits: Niloufar Emami

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