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Renovation of Mellat Bank

Zhair Firm, co-designer

Description: Mellat Bank, one of the oldest financial institutions of Iran, started a project of renovating its branches. The branch located at Vali-Asr street and in front of Saee Park was won by the firm. The bank was located at the street level, and was part of a commercial building with different ownerships. Thus, only the facade of the first floor, as well as the interior spaces were subject of the design. The building facade was made of white stones and consisted of window patches. We decided to work with “red brick” as the main material for the facade of the first floor, in order to differentiate it from the rest of the facade. However, we employed the startegy of using window patches. 

Credit: Niloufar Emami, Ahmad Goshayeshi, Negar Saboori

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