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Emami, Niloufar.  

Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC)



The Design and Fabrication of Variable Façade Panel Systems

Theisen, Tanner; Emami, Niloufar.  

SIGraDi 2021 Designing Possibilities


Volumetric Envelopes: Precast elements in building envelopes

Emami, Niloufar.  

Building Technology Educators Society

Le Verona-elevation.jpg

Design and Fabrication of Façade Panel Systems with Additive Manufacturing

Theisen, Tanner; Emami, Niloufar.  

Architectural Research Centers Consortium, (ARCC)


AutoCon cover.jpg

Structural, daylighting, and energy performance of perforated concrete shell structures

Emami, Niloufar. Giles, Harry. von Buelow, Peter 

Automation in Construction


Parametric Design and Structural Performance Assessment of a Topologically Interlocked Arch

Emami, Niloufar

Symposium on Simulation in Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD 2020)


Cast Stereotomy: A Material Based Investigation of Stereotomic Modules

Emami, Niloufar. Holmquist, Paul.

108th ACSA Annual Meeting, San Diego, USA


advanced eng informatic logo.jpg
2019 form & force.jpg

Tutorials for Tutorials: Guidelines for Creating Video Tutorials on Teaching Structural Morphology to Architecture Students

Khodadadi, Anahita. Emami, Niloufar

Proceedings of the IASS Symposium 2019: Form and Force


Water and Land in Flux: Pedagogy for Design Innovations that Inhabit Water

Emami, Niloufar

Building Technology Educator's Society 2019 (Article 33), 10.7275/yy86-8t98


High Life Textile Factory by Candela

Performative perforations: structural and daylighting performance assessment of Candela’s High Life Textile Factory

Emami, Niloufar. Giles, Harry. Von Buelow, Peter.

Proceedings of the IASS Symposium: Creativity in Structural Design. Boston, MA, USA, 2018 


Continuous to discrete: computational performance-based search of shell structures

Emami, Niloufar. Giles, Harry. Von Buelow, Peter.

Proceedings of the IASS Symposium, Hamburg, Germany, 2017 (September).



Geometric patterns, light, and shade: quantifying aperture ratio and pattern resolution in the performance of shading screens

Emami, Niloufar. Giles, Harry.

Nexus Network Journal, vol.18, no. 1, 2016.       

Teaching structures to architecture students through hands-on activities

Emami, Niloufar. Von Buelow, Peter.

Proceedings of EduTeach2016: Canadian International Conference on Advances in Education, Teaching, and Technology. Toronto, Canada, 2016 (July).


Structural assessment of a composite glass panel sandwich based on stress analysis simulation and structural testing

Emami, Niloufar. Giles, Harry.

Proceedings of the IASS Symposium, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015 (August).


Design of shading screens inspired by Persian geometric patterns: an integrated structural and daylighting performance evaluation

Emami, Niloufar. Khodadadi, Anahita. Von Buelow, Peter.

Proceedings of the IASS Symposium, Brasilia, Brazil, 2014 (August).

Engineering without the engine: an integrated panelized passive shading system for transparent facades

Emami, Niloufar. Giles, Harry.

Proceedings of The Architectural Research Centers Consortium, (ARCC), University of Hawai’i, Honolulu, HI, USA, 2014 (February).


Glass structure, from theory to practice

Emami, Niloufar.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Structure & Architecture (ICSA), University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal, 2013 (July).             


ETFE air cushions: an appropriate coverage for spatial lattice

Hashem-Nejad, Hashem. Emami, Niloufar.

published at The Third National Conference on Spatial Structures, University of Tehran, Iran (In Persian), 2011 (May).

Integration of architecture & structure in glass houses

Hashem-Nejad, Hashem. Emami, Niloufar.

published at The Second International Conference on Architecture and Structure (ICAS), University of Tehran, Iran (In Persian), 2011 (May).

Provision of practical strategies for improving the architecture of glass facades

Hashem-Nejad, Hashem. Emami, Niloufar.

published at The First National Conference on Façade and City Appearance, Tehran, Iran (In Persian), 2011 (April). ​

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