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Railway Station in Karaj

Iran University of Science and Technology
Graduate Studio II

Description: SPEED in movement has been an inspiration source for designing the railway station. Parallel Lines are the simple visual understanding of speed. The work has been started by making different models of how these lines can form a space for a railway station. Paying attention to economic & operational aspects of architecture, these parallel lines changed their direction from longitudinal direction to crosswise direction. Parallel lines were used at a micro level in the interior design. These thin line were subtracted from interior panels where passengers could see a blurry image of the space behind the panels. Pre Entrance space is another important design element in public transportation spaces. This is a place to wait, to meet a friend, or to make a decision. The intersected columns have made a pre-entrance space for the passengers. These columns are the main element of the structural system. In other words, structure acts as a medium of architectural design, towards integrating structure & architecture.

Credits: Niloufar Emami

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