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Shams Tabrizi Memorial Center

Zhair Firm, co-designer


Description: Shams-i-Tabrizi was a Persian spiritual who is credited as the spritual instructor of Rumi and is referenced with great reverence in Rumi’s poetic collection. The competition aimed to call for designs for his mausoleum and some cultural-educational spaces in the historic town of Khoy.  Considering the context of the project, the low-rise buildings are located along the street. The monument is located in one of the courtyards. It has no ceiling, resembling that “sky” is the best ceiling for a spritiual man. The concept of the project is formed around creating a world out of sun, shadow, water and soil, in various courtyards.                              

Credits: Niloufar Emami. Ahmad Goshayeshi, and Negar Saboori

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